I met fellow JAWS fan & collector, Chris Kiszka in Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard the day before festivities began for JAWS FEST '05. I was standing around on Water Street looking at the buildings used for shooting the Amity town scenes back in 1974, when he pulled over to park his truck. We got to talking and discovered we had gone head-to-head on several ebay items in the past couple of years. He was also familiar with my site and we stood around for most of the evening talking JAWS.

I was amazed at the JAWS prop collection he has amassed over the years. He has pieces I thought would have been discarded years ago. He has done much footwork and research into this hobby and the time and effort has paid off!

He asked if I would host his pictures on my site and I was more then happy to do just that.

Sit down & take a deep breath. Here we go...